AMA Session with Komodo / Supernet (20.09.2017)

The Komodo/Supernet Team asked us to support them to let the Altcoin Community in Switzerland know about their Conference in the Marriott Hotel in Zürich. To get more details about the current status of the project we have initiated an AMA: Ask Me Anything Session with two of the lead team members on Wednesday 20.09.2017 in our Telegram Channel:

Mister A, [20.09.17 21:00]

Ok so lets start if you ready

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:00]

Yes, audo and other team-members will be attending at the event on FR.

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:00]

lets start!

WELCOME to the Komodoplatform AMA!

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:00]

please do not hesitate to ask us anything!

Audo Kryptowitz, [20.09.17 21:01]

Welcome. Feel free to ask us anything related to the event or Komodo in general. :)

Mister A, [20.09.17 21:02]

Many thanks. I will start: Komodo is the successor of BitcoinDark. What is the difference between this two?

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:02]

Well - first of all KMD has a totally differnet codebase and has the zeroknowledge snark protocol implemented. this is the main (tech) difference.

Audo Kryptowitz, [20.09.17 21:03]

BitcoinDark became Komodo. All coins are being swapped for KMD with a fixed rate (about 48 KMD/BTCD). The swap period ends on January.

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:03]

BTCD was just a coin. Komodo instead is a platform.

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:03]

The BTCD community became pretty much the KMD community and is growing since then.

Mister C, [20.09.17 21:04]

[In reply to Mister D]

Here you go, middleware has already been built for you:

Mister A, [20.09.17 21:04]

Is the technical basis of Komodo somehow similar to ZCash, if I understand this right?

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:04]

i will do this one \@audo

Audo Kryptowitz, [20.09.17 21:04]


Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:06]

\@Mister A our lead developer was involved in the test-net of zcash and managed to get his own network up, actually getting everything "to work" before zcash did. There were many reasons for this, not only the foundation-addresses but also missing native features and toolsets that the komodoplatform now combines to provide a fully decentralized and blockchainbased platform.

Mister C, [20.09.17 21:06]

[In reply to Ka Dan]

Can you provide permalinks to the unique aspects of the code in Github? It looks like it's just a fork of Zcash with almost no changes.

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:07]

so one main feature that we have is that the komodoblockchain gets secured with the hashing power of bitcoin. This is possible due to our innovation called dPOW (delayed proof of work) which i will explain in a moment after replying to Mister C

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:07]

Mister C so unfortunately you didn't know how to use diff or github properly...

Mister C, [20.09.17 21:08]

[In reply to Ka Dan]

Or you could point me to your most important work.

Mister C, [20.09.17 21:08]

I don't see any evidence of protocol level innovation.

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:08]

first of all there are all the komodo_* specific init files and headers in the src root. then we did recode and readapt pretty much the whole pow code and added native tools such as assetchain capabilites and the notary node code.

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:10]

Mister C most recent work was condition extension for redundant getheaders (notary node relevant coding)

Audo Kryptowitz, [20.09.17 21:10]

The platform code is splitted among few github pages. At least:



Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:11]

best would be you first read the whitepaper and have a rough look on the code. audo just posted the main repositories.

Audo Kryptowitz, [20.09.17 21:12]

The development goes back to 2014 when jl777 started building some low level modules that now power the platform.

For example the Decentralized exchange technology 'BarterDEX' uses two innovations

- decentralized order-maching

- cross-chain atomic swaps

Those were in development before the BTCD become Komodo.

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:12] is the codebase of the komodoplatform. is our decentralized framework for blockchain interoperability and includes the barterDEX base. Mister C

Mister B, [20.09.17 21:12]

is there something that makes KMD unique?

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:13]

\@Mister B dPOW, assetchains, KeyValue storage on the blockchain, barterDEX, and much more.

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:14]

nothing of this thousands of codelines and thousands of manhours comprising toolsets and features was seen anywhere before.

Audo Kryptowitz, [20.09.17 21:14]

yes \@Mister B !

Right now we have few services online that we are going to market in conferences around the world.

- coin issuance (cryptocurrency starter-kit)

- decentralized ICO (dICO, uses the BarterDEX technology)

- blockchain security layer (dPoW, uses Bitcoin's hashingpower)

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:15]

no other bitcoin based cryptocurrency offers anything of those.

Mister A, [20.09.17 21:15]

So parts of the transactions of Komodo are getting somehow combined with the Bitcoin-Blockchain? How does it work for Non-Techies

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:15]

ok i will explain this in a more abstract way

Mister A, [20.09.17 21:16]


Mister B, [20.09.17 21:16]

👍 :-)

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:17]

so komodoblocks are mined each minute and in regular intervalls our notary nodes (currently 64 HQ dedicated servers around the world) do store the komodoblock-information into the BTC blockchain.

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:17]

So now lets say one day the KMD blockchain becomes weaker or attacked by somebody - we could still fallback to the blockinfo stored in the BTC chain to checkpoint our chain.

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:18]

this is the reason for this implementation. we could use any other blockchain for the dPOW system - but currently the btc chain seems the one with the highest hasingpower.

Mister B, [20.09.17 21:19]

How does this work? how do the information go into the other chain? with mini transatkonen?

Audo Kryptowitz, [20.09.17 21:20]

We have a long list of tokens (native cryptocurrencies) we created and each is protected by Komodo's dPoW. Full list is here:

Just a while ago we made a strategic partnership with an online bank called Monaize. They used all the three services I descriped above. The ICO starts in about 1 month, and we will use this chance to showcase our paltform's capabilities.

Also Monaize will use the dPoW security solution, which is the first real usecase for it (apart from our own usage).

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:21]

Bitcoin and any other btc protocol based blockchain allows you to add data to a transactions (we techies call this OP_RETURN tx). so the notarynodes do initiate a microtransaction and add the blockinfo of the kmdblock to this sort of transaction.

Mister B, [20.09.17 21:22]


Audo Kryptowitz, [20.09.17 21:23]

jl777 once explained me that the longest chain always wins, so all you need to store is the hash of the longest chain. That would be the valid chain.

So we take the newest hash every 10 minutes and put it to the next bitcoin block.

Mister A, [20.09.17 21:24]

How is Komodo involved in Supernet. This konglomerate is sometimes difficult to understand?!

Audo Kryptowitz, [20.09.17 21:24]

I can aswer this one.

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:24]


Mister B, [20.09.17 21:24]

Monaize: to invest for ICO then only KMD are accepted? what is the usecase for ICO on KMD?

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:25]

\@Mister B no - they will accept KMD but also BTC. there is a bonus timeframe in the beginning for just KMD investments (6h). The usecase is actually the ICO itself. It is being held decentrlaized. This is the first decentralized ICO (dICO) taking place in cryptohistory.

Audo Kryptowitz, [20.09.17 21:27]

We recognized the situation became very complicated, and now we are in the process of rebranding all our technologies under the Komodo brand.

SuperNET will have an invisible role when we market our platform. Basically SuperNET means our community and the people.

Komodo is the platform & open source technology. There is no technological relationship between SuperNET and Komodo anymore, so the investors don't have to understand what SuperNET is. :)

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:28]

exactly - it is all Komodo(Platform) now

Mister B, [20.09.17 21:29]

okay, ICO decentral. how does it look like with the overload of KMD Net? we've seen that some ICOs on Ethereum's entire network has collapsed, so very slowly

Audo Kryptowitz, [20.09.17 21:29]

Once the new domain is up it will be very clear, and there won't be any mentions about SuperNET.

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:29]

our dICOs are completely independet from komodo \@Mister B

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:30]

actually the dICO system just reuitilizes tools of the komodoplatform. So first of all we have the assetchain capabilities - audo refered to them as the blockchain starting kit (create your own tokens)

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:30]

and then we have the next tool and step in the process - you offer your just created ICO tokens in our decentralized exchange.

Audo Kryptowitz, [20.09.17 21:31]

Indeed, all the cryptocurrencies we have created with our platform ( have their own blockchain. They don't need Komodo blockchain at all.

Basically our solution is blockchain agnostic. Also Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Zcash are compatible with our platform.

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:31]

so basically it is not an ICO technically - but more a secondary market offering.... which also makes the legal point of view pretty interesting

Mister A, [20.09.17 21:31]

Is the decentralized Exchange already live?

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:31]

if you keep current asian events in mind...

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:31]

\@Mister A yes it is live and already being used

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:31]

we had extensive tests - and please keep in mind.

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:32]

unlike for example waves "dex" - we are truly decentrlaized

Mister B, [20.09.17 21:32]

sounds exciting

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:32]

there are no proxytokens or any other middleware (3rd party)

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:32]

so actually you are sending your coins straight to the offering party.. the blockchain and our dex algorithm clears just everything.

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:33]

[In reply to Mister B]

it is very exciting... honestly i am having lot of sleepless night due to the excitement.

Audo Kryptowitz, [20.09.17 21:33]

the dICO will use the decentralized exchange (BarterDEX) technology. That will go online in one month, so we are quite confident about our product.

We don't have a marketable easy-to-use GUI application yet, but there will be an easy way to use our dICO solutions within 30 days.

Mister B, [20.09.17 21:34]

[In reply to Ka Dan]


Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:34]

\@Mister B so you just created your tokens and now offered them in the dICO system. bascially that is it. if the community and users trust you and your project they can buy your ICO tokens directly through the barterDEX

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:34]

but what makes the whole thing more interesting and even more exciting is the fact that we offer a privacy layer inbetween

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:35]

so you can actually make use of our JUMBLR called technology which uses the zkSNARK protocol to makes your affected keys invisible - and ensures you TRUE financial freedom and privacy............

Mister B, [20.09.17 21:36]


Mister B, [20.09.17 21:36]

so, like zcash? or monero?

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:36]

so actually nobody except you knows that the coins you are using for the ICO participation belong to you - or even exist. this goes same into the other side.

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:36]

like zCASH

Audo Kryptowitz, [20.09.17 21:36]

[ Photo ]

How JUMBLR works.

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:36]

(which offers the one and only real anon tech)

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:36]

monero is just pseudoanon - but thats a whole diff. story

Mister A, [20.09.17 21:37]

Are comodo Coins fungible as the Monero ones?

Audo Kryptowitz, [20.09.17 21:37]

[ Photo ]

Jumblr automatices the whole process. Everyone will JUMBLR at the same time.

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:38]

\@Mister A - "fungible" in what context?

Audo Kryptowitz, [20.09.17 21:38]

Jumblr forces you to send KMD coins through the private Z-address in fixed quantities, e.g. 10 KMD, 100 KMD, 1000 KMD

Audo Kryptowitz, [20.09.17 21:39]

the Jumblr process can be combined with the dICO, which would give the dICO investor full financial privacy.

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:39]

i think i know what you mean \@Mister A - that monero tokens aim to be equal to each other?

Mister A, [20.09.17 21:39]

\@cryptoanarc333 You know Bitcoin in fact is not fungible. A coin from a shady transaction address will always be recognized in the future

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:40]

ok - with our zkSNARK protocol you never have to worry about the reasons monero made their coins fungible. Our coins are unique - but once you intitiate a shielded TX nobody will know what coins that are....

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:40]

it will be like using "fresh" coins.

Mister A, [20.09.17 21:41]

I see

Mister B, [20.09.17 21:42]

can someone rewrite "fungible". what does that mean

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:42]

so the answer is yes - our coins can be made "fungible" if a user decides to make use his/her right of privacy by initiating a zksnark transaction.

Mister A, [20.09.17 21:42]

Do you see any risk because of the Anon-function, that governments will intervene here in the future?

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:42]

\@Mister B - monero means that one coin is equal to another. so bascially i could swap my monero with yours and nobody would be able to see a difference...

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:42]

but with BTC for example each coin has a history of inputs/output...

Audo Kryptowitz, [20.09.17 21:43]

You get absolute privacy for KMD coins when you send them from a private Z-address to another Z-address. Only way to compromize your privacy would be if you send 113.228 KMD through the address to another. With Jumblr we remove that thread and automatice the whole process, so user will just have to click a button and wait for the process to complete.

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:43]

but with Komodo you can keep things transparent and unshielded as long as you want to do so. if for some reason you want to enjoy full privacy you just inititae a shielded transaction and those coins will look just fresh - with NO history....

Mister B, [20.09.17 21:43]


Audo Kryptowitz, [20.09.17 21:44]

What I mean by that is, that someone could put two plus two together when they see an exact KMD amount going through the privacy layer and appearing somewhere else later.

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:44]

but it still would not be a proof - it could still be coincidence.

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:44]

from a legal AND technical point of view - there will never be a technical way to proof it.

Audo Kryptowitz, [20.09.17 21:45]

yes, and because Jumblr sends them in fixed amounts, like 100 KMD, it would be impossible to say.

If 100 people tumblr their KMD at the same time, each sending 100 KMD at the time... the result is unbreakable privacy :)

Audo Kryptowitz, [20.09.17 21:46]

and we do have already about 10 servers tumbling KMD all the time

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:46]

exactly - so we are even taking care on the privacy of provably nonprovable transactions...

Mister B, [20.09.17 21:46]

the same question for me. governments? current example with china

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:47]

\@Mister B decentralized technology like barterDEX and komodoplatform can be used from everywhere on this planet. we only provide the opensource tech.

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:47]

same applies for dICOs - as long as you have internetaccess you can do whatever you want to do as long as it not universally illegal.

Mister B, [20.09.17 21:48]

I see, there has been much study. the anonymity is really exciting. and a real usecase for the future crypto world

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:49]

yes i absolutely agree \@Mister B - our vision is a digital decentralized and blockchainbased, but most importantly - TRUSTLESS - society.

Audo Kryptowitz, [20.09.17 21:49]

No one can stop anyone from sending Bitcoins cross the world. Komodo works similarly. We are just building the open source technology like the Bitcoin core developers are building it for Bitcoin. If someone abuses the technology we are not responsible, there is no way for us to cencor certain users.

We won't endorse or develop anything illegal.

Mister A, [20.09.17 21:49]

Is James jl777 one of the lead defs of Komodo?

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:50]

everything has to happen in a transparent manner and in the interest of the society which is the totality of all world citicens.

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:50]

\@Mister A jl777 is THE lead dev in our platform.

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:50]

he was the founder of the project/vision many years ago.

Mister A, [20.09.17 21:51]

[ Photo ]

James developing

Mister A, [20.09.17 21:51]

Sorry for the salt 😉 I'm too long in this business

Audo Kryptowitz, [20.09.17 21:51]


Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:52]

\@Mister A ;-) - no worries we all understand jokes. haha

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:52]

but now tech is coming together pretty fast - the base work (last few years) have moved a lot and a huge progress has been done on many frontiers.

Audo Kryptowitz, [20.09.17 21:52]

The platform is very complex and requires many independent modules to work. It takes time to develop it all, and it has to be done in parralel. Some people/investors don't have the patiency to wait, and so there's some cartoons like that one :)

Mister A, [20.09.17 21:53]

James remains anonymous?

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:53]

on Friday we are hosting an event in zurich - in collaboration with our new strategic partner Monaize. there you will hear TWO sides of the story.....

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:53]

\@Mister A yes james remains anon

Mister A, [20.09.17 21:54]

Well I need to be clear, I owned some Unity from the very beginning

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:54]

there are places and jurisdictions on this planet, where financial, political and economic circumstances would not allow you in the position of james to keep working efficient if officials/authorities knew about the funds you potential can control.

Mister A, [20.09.17 21:54]

I hope his business attitudes have changed.

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:54]

sometimes it is the best to remain in the background to be able to make a vision reality without risking waaayy to much.......

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:55]

\@Mister A i think unity did a nice spike in the recent times.

Mister A, [20.09.17 21:55]

I have no problem with anon. I blogged 4 years anon. No worries

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:55]

i am not soo into trading and stuff - more tech side.

Audo Kryptowitz, [20.09.17 21:55]

He's been working everyday for several years now to build this... I bet he would love to jump on the stage and explain it all ;) But, it's probably better that he just keeps coding in peace and stays anonymous.

Rocking the boat can be dangerous

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:55]

yes - he developed a very good sense for business and business relations.

Mister A, [20.09.17 21:55]

Any plans to use the IOTA?

Mister A, [20.09.17 21:56]

As finacial investment or pratically?

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:57]

we own nearly 1% of IOTA if i am not wrong - and we do follow the development closely.

Audo Kryptowitz, [20.09.17 21:57]

We have made an investment to IOTA and it's our long term capital. The technology is completely different from Bitcoin, which makes it hard to integrate it into our platform.

Audo Kryptowitz, [20.09.17 21:57]

I would love that to happen though.

Mister B, [20.09.17 21:57]

may be james ist the same like satoshi? 😂

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:57]

future will tell if there will be any utilization of it inside the komodoplatform ecosystem. but as the tech matures - i am sure there will be many exciting projects.

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 21:58]

maybe - we never know who is who in the anon world.

Mister A, [20.09.17 21:59]

\@Mister B James is one of the most talented defs out there for sure. If he is good in doing business needs to be proven.

Mister B, [20.09.17 21:59]


Ka Dan, [20.09.17 22:00]

\@Mister A our current business partnerships and the ones coming in the very near future will proof this.

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 22:01]

guys please feel free to contact me in slack, here or by PM anytime. i am happy to answer any komodo but also other blockchain related questions to you if there is a lack of technical understanding. i always try to keep it simple and abstract. i hope my answers were not tooo technical - sometimes i just slip into the matrix.. 😂

Mister A, [20.09.17 22:01]

Have you open seats for Friday? Some words for the event? Unfortunately I'm not able to join.

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 22:02]

yes - we can reserve slots of this group. just need to know who wants to participate.

Audo Kryptowitz, [20.09.17 22:02]

yeah, I can put your names to the list.

All info is here:

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 22:02]

this event is the first komodo hosted event - it willl feature representants from both industries: Banking and Blockchain.

Audo Kryptowitz, [20.09.17 22:02]

Neumühlequai 42, 8006 Zürich, Schweiz

Audo Kryptowitz, [20.09.17 22:03]

starts 8 PM

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 22:03]

Marriott Hotel in zurich.

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 22:03]

Monaize (the online bank) will explain their (already launched) product and how they plan to integrate blockchain tech into their banking platform.

Mister A, [20.09.17 22:04]

Zürich is a good place to start. The community here is outstanding.

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 22:04]

i know \@Mister A - best crowd :)

Mister B, [20.09.17 22:05]

thank you for the insight into KMD! I must get away from the "matrix" now ;-). much success on friday, bye all

Mister A, [20.09.17 22:05]

So from my side AMA is ok. Any further question?

Mister B, [20.09.17 22:05]

for me ok, too

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 22:05]

\@Mister B thank you for the interesting questions and have a nice evening!

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 22:08]

\@Mister A thanks for having us here and thanks for the questions. We really enjoyed the AMA!

Ka Dan, [20.09.17 22:08]

have a nice evening guys!