Introducing nChain

Today we are introducing the nChain Group which joined our association as a corporate member last October when Dr. Craig S. Wright, the Chief Scientist at nChain was invited for a Meetup in Zürich.

The nChain group aims to be global leader in research, development, technology applications and investments to enable infinite innovation in blockchain technologies – especially focused on worldwide adoption and growth of Bitcoin Cash. The Group now includes four business units: nChain Limited – a blockchain research and development business; nChain Holdings Limited – an intellectual property holding and commercialization company; nChain Reaction – a new investment entity; nCrypt – a Bitcoin wallet and exchange in Canada.


The group of companies has grown to a team of in excess of 60 scientific research, engineering and other professionals primarily based in London, United Kingdom and Vancouver, Canada.

We would like to thank nChain for supporting the values of the Bitcoin Association Switzerland through corporate membership and wish them all the best for their endeavors.