Online Platforms

The Bitcoin Association Switzerland runs 3 Telegram chat rooms, providing the community an online platform to exchange the latest news around Bitcoin, discuss technical, political and other aspects of Crypto Currencies and connect with each other.

The chat groups are open to everyone but mostly used by people living in Switzerland. If you'd like to join get in touch with one of the group admins listed below.


Bitcoin Switzerland


If you would like to join the Bitcoin Switzerland group, please get in touch with Roger (@rogerdarin).


To make sure this group is a place for hight quality discussions there are a few rules:

  1. The focus of the chat room is Bitcoin
  2. No insults or other inappropriate messages
  3. No begging
  4. No announcements of ICOs
  5. No Altcoin price talk
  6. No advertisements

If you are unsure if your message falls under point 6 please get in touch with Lucas or Roger before posting.


Swiss Bitcoin Meme- & Trollbox

If you would like to join the Swiss Bitcoin Meme- & Trollbox group, please get in touch with Ben (@BitcoinBen).