The Cryptos Fund joins the Bitcoin Association Switzerland

The crypto and blockchain space has recently seen an increasing number of crypto funds emerging, over 90 funds investing in digital assets (cryptocurrencies and other Blockchain Crypto Property) launched in 2017. Reason for this is believed to be the rising bitcoin and altcoin prices and increasing interest from institutional investors. Crypto asset funds offer investors - private and institutional alike - access to the growing cryptocurrency market and allow them to deal with the new asset class in a way that is familiar to them.

'The Cryptos Fund' is a new, regulated fund offering a passive index tracking investment strategy on cryptocurrencies. The company was founded by a team of investors, academics and security experts. It is designed to passively replicate the Crypto Currencies Index (CCI30), an indicator of crypto currencies valuations (just as the S&P 500 is an indicator of stock price valuations), and a benchmark for the sector. Using the CCI30 index as a barometer of the cryptocurrency marketplace, The Cryptos Fund allows for the creation of a well balanced crypto portfolio.

The Bitcoin Association is happy to welcome The Cryptos Fund as a corporate member and we're excited to collaborate on bringing Bitcoin to the masses.

Cryptos Fund.JPG
Cryptos Fund is a regulated investment fund focused on Cryptocurrencies.
It offers a passive investment strategy that tracks the CCI30 index, the benchmark for the cryptocurrencies asset class.