San Francisco based Blockstream joins the Bitcoin Association Switzerland

I'm very excited to announce that Blockstream, one of the most respected companies in Bitcoin, joins the Bitcoin Association Switzerland as a corporate member. By supporting local community activities in Switzerland and other places in the world, Blockstream shows its commitment for decentralization in all aspects of Bitcoin.

Blockstream is the leader in blockchain infrastructure and applied cryptography. Blockstream builds battle-tested blockchain and related solutions, built on the proven record of the longest running and secure Bitcoin codebase, with additional features needed in new business applications and domains. We offer commercial blockchain technologies and services, and we work with partners like PwC and DG Lab to sell and deploy blockchain technologies to their customers around the world. We founded Blockstream because we believe that blockchains and smart contracts create new opportunities for the world, and that they need a robust, open, and secure platform to reach their full potential.

We already had the honour to host several Bitcoin developers from Blockstream as speakers at our events and are looking forward to getting the opportunity to learn more from them.

We are very happy to have Blockstream onboard and hope to see more international Bitcoin companies follow their example by joining and supporting local grassroots communities around the world.