Law Firm Froriep Joins Bitcoin Association Switzerland

We are pleased to announce that Froriep joins us as not only as a member but also as a legal partner. In other words, if we'll ever get into legal hot water, we now have someone fighting on our side. Of course, all BAS members are welcome to use their services. If you're worried about high charges, it's comforting to know that it's best practice in this industry not to charge for the first, brief introduction meeting during which the lawyer checks if he can be of any help at all.

Froriep, founded in 1966,  is a Swiss law firm with offices in Zurich, Zug and Geneva as well as an international presence in London and Madrid. The firm boasts a large cultural diversity within its team of professionals, not to mention an always-present entrepreneurial spirit. The law firm has in-depth knowledge of blockchain technology, crypto-currencies and crypto-tokens. Here is what they have to say about themselves:

“Together with our co-operation partner, the patent attorney and law firm Rentsch Partner, we are at the forefront of technology law. Through our Blockchain and Crypto Practice Group, Froriep together with Rentsch Partner have a number of legal experts in this field that advise clients on a regular basis regarding the applicable legal framework to such technologies and help clients with structuring their ICO. We join the Bitcoin Association to demonstrate our commitment for the cause and the community at large.”