SwissBorg joins the Bitcoin Association Switzerland

SwissBorg is a smart-contract based banking backbone with the objective to create a democratic, decentralized and professional ecosystem to manage crypto asset portfolios. SwissBorg is designed and built with a strong community-focus and -values at their core, being fully owned by the community, and fostering community contribution in design and development of their solutions.

On the consumer side individuals and Decentralised Automated Organisations (DAOs) benefit from democratic, transparent and trustworthy investment services to manage their crypto asset portfolios.

For financial service providers SwissBorg offers access to cryptocurrency asset classes and best-of-breed technologies (blockchain & AI) to Investment Managers and Financial Advisors in order to best serve their clients.


SwissBorg partners with various companies across the fintech and crypto space and has joined the Bitcoin Association. We're happy to welcome SwissBorg to our Corporate Members network and are excited to collaborate to ensure Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies become a core component of Swiss Private banking.