Wemakeit joins the Bitcoin Association Switzerland

Wemakeit  - a Swiss crowd-funding platform founded in 2012 - connects startups and investors to fund and realise innovative projects and business ideas across a multitude of topics and at global scale. The 3000 already launched and financed projects range from humanitarian endeavours to innovative new technology and applications and arts and fashion. Wemakeit collaborates and channels through well-known organisations such as ImpactHub, Mobiliar Insurance, local governments and others. Having cast a wide network with local offices across Europe the company offers their skills, expertise and advice to project teams personally as well as digitally. The unique founder team from communications, artistic and designer backgrounds has managed to turn wemakeit into one of Europe's biggest and leading crowdfunding solutions.


With bitcoin and blockchain on their radar over the last years, they will include relevant services in this space very soon. As a first move to extrapolate wemakeit into this space, the company is joining the Bitcoin Association Switzerland as a corporate member. We are very excited to grow our member network with wemakeit and are looking forward to inspiring project news and collaboration on making crypto and Bitcoin an instrinsic part of wemakeit.