Jud Schöni & Partner AG joins the Bitcoin Association

Bitcoin, Blockchain, Crypto Currencies - the field is big and gets bigger and bigger everyday. It might also be confusing at first, but beside our community there are valuable consulting companies happy to help you in your crypto adventures. One of them is our latest corporate member Jud Schöni & Partner AG:

Jud Schöni & Partner AG is the management consultancy that helps your company to master current and future innovation challenges.
We stand by your side and lead you through new technologies and the complexity of digitization, to find the most profitable and efficient solution for your company, so you can focus on your core business. Our consulting solutions in digitization and automation are individual, implementable and understandable. We accompany you all the way, from the conceptual throughout the implementation phase and beyond. This cohesive approach allows us to satisfy our customers and build as well as maintain long-term relationships with renowned Swiss banks and Fintech startups.

So if you read the Bitcoin whitepaper but are still confused you know who you gonna call. Thanks to Jud Schöni & Partner AG for supporting our community and welcome aboard!