Ticino based companies Digital Identity SA and Eidoo Sagl join the Bitcoin Association Switzerland

While Swiss parliament considers the election of a Federal Council from the Italian part of Switzerland, the Bitcoin Association Switzerland is expanding southwards ahead of time: with Digital Identity SA and Eidoo Sagl we are happy to have our first two corporate members from Ticino.


Founded in 2016, Digital Identity SA is a swiss company with headquarters in Chiasso in Ticino, in southern Switzerland. In recent years, the rise of blockchain technology opened new opportunities in many sectors, including fintech and crypto currencies. Digital Identity has interests in companies that are developing leading crypto coin wallets, decentralized exchanges, consulting companies and other investments.


Eidoo Sagl is a Chiasso based company dedicated to the developing of the Eidoo app, a blockchain-to-human interface simplifying the interaction between the Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains and its users. The company is proposing Eidoo as a new blockchain asset experience providing an easy and secure way to buy, transfer, spend, and exchange cryptocurrencies without relying on a central authority.

Digital Idenity and Eidoo are among the major driving forces behind the Swiss city of Chiasso allowing its citizens to pay taxes in bitcoin. We're looking forward to hear more such great news from Ticino, bringing Bitcoin to everyone in Switzerland!