Meyerlustenberger Lachenal joins the Bitcoin Association

The one thing everyone agrees with respect to Bitcoin is that there are still many open legal and regulatory questions. Therefore it's great to see more and more law companies entering the exciting field of crypto currencies to take on the mission to address those questions.

The latest law company to join our ranks is Meyerlustenberger Lachenal.

MLL is dedicated FinTech/RegTech group – comprising regulatory, banking/insurance, information technology, data protection, corporate, IP, competition and tax specialists – is happy to help you to analyze, mitigate and manage legal and regulatory risks associated with the use of these new technologies, in particular cryptocurrency related questions.
In addition to its office in Baar/Zug, the firm has offices in Zurich, Geneva and Brussels.

The Bitcoin Association is very thankful for the increasing number of corporate member supporting our cause. With this massiv legal brain power building up we see an even brighter future for crypto currencies in Switzerland!