Agavon Joins the Bitcoin Association Switzerlad

Agavon, a company that provides consulting services to help companies determine whether blockchain technology and other forms of distributed ledger technology (DLT) is right for their needs or not, as well as provides complementary software products, has decided to join the Bitcoin Association Switzerland. It joins several other companies in the Association in the rapidly-growing cryptocurrency space within Switzerland. It is registered in Zug and its Founder, Travin Keith, is moving there this year.

Attraction to Switzerland

One of the primary decision-making factors of why Agavon was registered in Switzerland is due to its relative openness to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. It takes an observe-first- decide-later approach, which is higly appreciated in this rapidly evolving space and is an encouraging trait for innovation. Agavon’s Founder strongly notes that, “In Switzerland, I can be open about my involvement with cryptocurrencies, whether using them, or accepting them as a form of payment, without any problems. A lot of that is thanks to the Bitcoin Association Switzerland for openly speaking with the regulators in Switzerland to avoid any misconceptions about its nature.”

Being a digital nomad for the past four years, as well as at one point being the northernmost one during his residence in Svalbard, he also notes his great appreciation for the Department of Economic Promotion in Zug for being both helpful and welcoming in immigrating into Switzerland, which he notes has not always been the case when attempting to reside or immigrate in other countries. “In some occasions, I have been discouraged or disadvantaged in applying based on my citizenship alone. When speaking with the Department of Economic Promotion in Zug, I was judged solely upon my earned merits and where I came from or where I lived in the past didn’t matter, which is very well-appreciated.”

It’s notable that Agavon is a partner of CtC, a company that is developing a unique 2- way cryptocurrency ATM that will take cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ardor, Ignis, and many more, including its own token, CTC. It’s unique in that it will not only accept bills, but will also accept coins and will be located in strategic locations around the world.