Better legal protection for clients of Bitcoin firms coming?

Marcel Dobler, member of the Swiss national parliament and co-founder of, proposed a law that could turn out to be very helpful for Crypto Nation Switzerland. It would give you the right to get your digital assets back in case you have stored them with a provider that goes bankrupt.

For example, if you have lots of personal photos with a cloud storage service and that service goes bankrupt, this law would help you getting your photos back. But most importantly, this would also apply to Bitcoins stored with a crypto startup, given that your Bitcoins are somehow identifiable as yours.

Under today's laws, the legal situation is unfortunately much less clear. Of course, the best way to store crypto assets is to not trust anyone and to store them yourself. But some users that are less technically savvy would like to rely on storage services. For those, the proposad law would be a big step forward and strengthen their property rights. Let's hope the parliamentary commission that discusses the proposal on May 3rd recognizes these significant benefits.